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I am a developer and an entrepreneur. I have twenty plus years of experience in the field of computing. My experience spans many platforms, programming languages, and I am an advocate of the open-source world. Uniquely positioned in life, I search for application and service ideas that can be converted into profitable or open-source products. Most important to me is positive energy and accomplishment.

Recent Article:

What Order Do Golang Tests Run?

So, I've been moving forward with Golang lately and really like it a lot. Today, I was wondering what order tests are run and decided to find out a little. Basically, I created a directory containing a few test files.

Golang - Logging to a file

I couldn't find this answer in the officail documentation. If it exists, then, it eluded me.

Golang - Read a file line by line

Reading a file line by line in Golang is pretty easy. Have a look at the following example:

Installing Go 1.4.2 on Ubuntu (Trusty) 14.04

This is an update to my previous article in this series. This article will be to the point For more details, see my previous article.

Golang - Run all tests recursive including sub-directories

Have a code base or app with sub-directories / sub-packages? Want to run all of the tests all at once?

Installing Go on Ubuntu (Quantal) 12.10

The Go Language appeared on my radar sometime in 2009. It looked very impressive, however, my thinking at the time was to let it ride a little while and wait for it to mature a bit more. Today, I'm starting to look at it a little. For me, step one is install and start playing around.